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Chapter 10-11


Chapters 10 and 11 are combined into one section, covering the second half of the medieval period. You will find the materials on chapter 11 very brief, which is why the 2 are combined.


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for The High Medieval Period (10)

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Study Guide

Medieval (10)
End of the Medieval (11)

Web Quests



English Read the Miller's Tale in the Canterbury Tales. Write out your own list of characters and a brief summary of the plot . How would you describe the humor used; what does it tell you about the character telling the story?
Art Give the definition of a focal point. Apply that definition to art. Demonstrate the focal point in three paintings and show how the artist draws the eye to that point/ creates the focal point.
Math Villard De Honnecourt left behind the few surviving records of how medieval architects put together the mighty cathedrals. In particular, one page of his portfolio, Geometrical Devices for Masonry Work, shows how to use geometry in building. Describe 2 of these geometric concepts and how they applied to building.
Science Describe the symptoms of the Bubonic plague. Why/how did it spread across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East? What factors made the people particularly susceptible?
Misc. Explain 3 of Aquinas' proofs for the existence of God in your own words.


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