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Film Criticism
  Culture & Reality
  Language & Psychoanalysis

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  You have 2 reading assignments for language (Eisenstein - The Draumaturgy of Film Form") and one for Psychoanalysis (definition of Psychoanalytic Criticism from Oxford Reference). Read 'em. You're going to need them to answer your homework
  Another brief insight into psychoanalytic criticism
  Homework - Potemkin & Apocalypse Now
  Homework - Potemkin & Apocalypse Now in .doc format
  Interpreting Reality
  Homework - Bicycle Thief & Fight Club
  Homework - Bicycle Thief & Fight Club in .doc format
  PowerPoint from 11/13
  Powerpoint from 11/20
  Final exam in .pdf
  Final exam in .doc
  Objective test study guide