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As the middle ages and the Renaissance faded into the age of enlightenment, magic, superstition, and wonder took a back seat to science and logic. So myth goes away...right? Nope. The stories of myth, the ideals of love, power, and the heroes of myth were still powerful motivators. Just like you or I could sing the Oscar Meyer song, the people of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries could tell the myths and the fairy tales. The artists of the enlightenment and the "age of science" took the stories of myth and used them as publicity. Myth became the staple of the visual arts. It became a way to talk about politics, social values, and ideals.

Below, there are 6 works of art...I want you to take two of those works and answer the homework questions about them. Answering the questions may require a little research and a little thought. If you have questions/ get stuck, post on the google group. I'll be watching, and I'll be glad to nudge you in the right direction.


Works of art -- select 2 for the homework assignment
Pauline Bonaparte as Venus - Canova Union of earth & water - Rubens

Washington as Zeus
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Danaid - Rodin
Mars Disarmed by Venus & the Graces - Rubens
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Cupid & Psyche - Canova


Audio - intro to the enlightenment- mp3, right click and save target as

Homework (pdf)/ Homework (doc)


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