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As we move on in the modern age, we're always looking for stories to tell. The media machine of our age churns out story after story in the form of films, television, and video games. And, in looking around for stories to tell, we often find that the old stories still have enough power and content to interest us -- with a few changes, of course. Below are 6 TV programs or movies that actually claim to retell myths from ancient times. Your job is to find/rent/borrow one of these and watch it. I've given you a series of general questions that you will need to answer comparing and contrasting the film with its original source material. Once you've watched one of these films, move on to the next page and complete the film assignment there as well.

Select a movie from this list and a movie from the next page and answer the homework questions for each film
Jason and the Argonauts The 13th Warrior

Clash of the Titans

Hercules - TV show or Disney film
The Odyssey Troy

These films should be available from a local movie store or the college library. Please contact me if you cannot find any of these films.

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