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Chapters 16 & 17



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English Take a look at the Declaration of the RIghts of Man (French Revolution) and the Declaration of Independence. Analyze the two and give me a quick summary of each - what basic ideas or attitudes are different between the two? Give me a 3-5 point comparison/contrast of the 2 documents.
Art The Romantic movement spread quickly into the Americas where the vast new land inspired landscape painters. Choose an American Romantic painter from the 17th century and either create a romantic landscape painting in his style, or discuss what makes the artist you have chosen unique.

Tell me who Benjamin Banneker was, and then find one of his puzzles, known as the Cooper and the Vintner, which is available online. Solve the puzzle correctly and give me the answer.

Science Thomas Jefferson would rather have been a scientist than a politician. He loved science, and worked in several different areas of scientific achievemnet. Research Jefferson's scientific work, and list at least 3 areas in which he was interested. Define what those areas are, and why they were/are of scientific imporatance.

Charles Darwin changed the way many people viewed man's origin. What area of the world most strongly inspired his ideas? What did he see there that started his theories? Briefly discuss his theories in light of their origins - what did he NOT observe in the evolutionary process, but theorized could happen? Why did he make that guess? (If you choose this project, as with many others, you may not find "pat" answers by doing research, you may actually have to think *gasp* and justify your own theories.)


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