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Chapter 14




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English Look at the "what a work is man" speech found in Shakespeare's play Hamlet in Act 2 Scene 2, lines 295 to 310. Explain or examine the speech in terms of the renaissance mindset and humanism.
Art Choose 2 or 3 artworks from chapter 14 and use them to create advertisements for products or services. Be creative, but make sure the picture and product are appropriate. The more clever you are artistically and intellectually, the better your grade will be.

Explain Napier's mathematical discovery and how it simplified mathematics. Be clear and provide examples to prove your point.

Science Explain the theories of the solar system, rotations and orbits according to Copernicus and Gallileo. Examine how they differed from one another.

The Puritains were a small religious group who have become important to Americans. Explain how thier beliefs differed from other protestants, particularly in England and why they were unwelcome under the Anglican church.


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