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Chapter 18




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English Read Kate Chopin's "Story of an Hour." (You should be able to find the text online or in a variety of books easily available in the library - it's only 1 page). Analyze the story for either feminism or symbolism. Your analysis should not be less than 1.5 pages
Art Create a sculpture, painting, or drawing in the style of an artist in chapter 18. I should be able to tell the artist you are emulating.

Tell me if the statue of liberty's nose is proportional to the rest of her body. You will have to take real-life measurements in order to create an average by which to judge the statue.

Science The Impressionists were working in a new scientific era where they were just beginning to understand color and science. Explain the use of complimentary colors in Monet's work. How does the eye percieve those colors when they are put side by side, and what visual effects do they create?

Van Gogh spent much of his life in mental institutions. Do some research on his signs & symptoms. Diagnose Van Gogh and explain what impact, if any, his disorder had on his art.


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