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Download the Connections Paper criteria as an Adobe Acrobat file

You must complete one of the following reviews by the datedescribed in your syllabus.

Review Criteria:

How long does the paper have to be? Long enough. I will not impose a word limit. I do not think you could do the paper effectively in less than 1 ½ - 2 pages.

What format is the paper supposed to be in? Again, I leave that up to you. I’m an English person, so I would write the paper in standard essay format. My husband would leave the paper as a series of bulleted items. Write the paper in the format in which you may be clear, logical, organized, and interesting. I will be grading the assignment on your clarity and your ability to tie information together into a good, well-reasoned argument. Essentially, if it’s not clear, interesting, and easy to follow, you’re going to get a poor grade.

Does it have to be typed? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Does it have to have outside sources? Probably, but that depends on you. If you need to look up outside information – on the painting, the author, the time period – and you choose to quote or paraphrase that information, you will have to cite it using MLA format citations. This class requires ENC1101 as a prerequisite or co-requisite, so I assume you know how to do MLA citations. If you use information and don’t cite it (read “plagiarize”), your paper will be returned to you for a rewrite and 20 points will be deducted from your final grade.

Artist Review:

  • Give a brief biography of the artist, complete with some personal information and a sense of his/her personality.
  • Tell the medium(s) that the artist worked in
  • Tell me what characteristics of his/her work show what era (s)he worked in
  • Tell me what impact the artist had on his/her own era
  • Give me a personal response – tell me why you chose this artist what you love or hate about him or her

Connection Review:

  • Describe the art work you’ve chosen to review. Give a good, complete written description. You may also want to attach a picture.
  • Tell me about the time period and culture in which it was created. Give me some good, interesting information that’s relevant to understanding the piece of art you’ve chosen.
  • Looking at the work of art, how could I tell what time period it came from? What characteristics, themes, “schtuff” about it marks its origin?
  • How does this work of art uniquely reflect its time period and culture?

Impact Review:

  • Describe the art work you’ve chosen to review. Give a good, complete written description. You may also want to attach a picture.
  • Tell me what about the art work set it apart. Why do you think it endured the test of time…why do we still have it around and consider it art?
  • What impact or meaning does it have in the modern age? Just because something is “really old” doesn’t make it art. Why is it still important?
  • Give me your personal review. From the perspective of a normal (I assume) modern student, what do you think of the work?



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