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Humanities is about being human. Essentially, every human being alive knows what it feels like to be lonely, to try to communicate the feelings inside to the people outside. Sometimes we succeed in making others understand what we see and what we feel -- sometimes we fail. Humanities is the story of all of humanity trying to communicate, trying to leave behind in art some record of how they felt, how they thought, and what they knew. Welcome to the bigger picture. The world is at your doorstep. Do you dare step outside yourself and try to communicate with things you may not agree with or understand?

This website is designed to accompany Wendy Neeld's HUM1020, Introduction to the Humanities at Pasco Hernando Community College. The website provides the materials to accompany the class, notably the study guide, the web quests, and the chapter activities required by the course.

The menu on the left provides basic navigation for the website. The primary topics represent the 4 main sections of the course (each one followed by a test). Underneath each of those primary sections are subtopics that match up with the course sections/ book chapters.

Within each of the time periods/chapter sections, you will find 3 things:

This allows you to double check what you heard and saw in class. PowerPoints are presented as Adobe Acrobat files, and they can get very large...they're provided to help you, but be aware of the size and bandwidth before you download!

Web Quests
Since this is an overview course, you're missing a lot of nifty detail. Webquests are intended to force you to look a little deeper and learn a little more about a few specific topics. Webquests ask a series of specific questions about a topic or work of art within a chapter. You need to search the internet to find the answers to the questions. If you find the same websites I did....paydirt! If not, the information is still out there, and you might learn some nifty things! Webquests are available online, in MS Word format and in Adobe Acrobat format. You are required to complete 1 webquest per chapter/section according to your teacher's instructions.

Humanities is a hands-on kind of thing. It is intended to be experienced, not just read about. Therefore, you are required to complete activities. Activities are designed to tie into each chapter and into all disciplines. A math major should be able to find math activities. A science major should be able to find science activities. You are required to do 2 activities in the course; pick the ones that appeal to you.

Last but not least, your 2 major writing assignments for the class are included with detailed instructions and information. Both the museum visit/review and the requirement to tie a work of art into the culture & history of its time period are explained to the left. Good luck! Please feel free to email me or to use the google group set up for this class.

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